How to Make Your Lead Generation Company Sell Better

In this article you will learn the most basic 11 tasks that a serious lead generation company should perform for you.

To get more customers and sales lead generation companies for your business and end up dominating your market, you need to follow a strong marketing plan using proven techniques. This techniques and technology behind them can evolve over time, so probably you will need to adjust some details on the way, but make sure that the basis of it is proven to get results. There are no secrets behind this, but you need some level of expertise to do the things the correct way. In the simplest form, this are the necessary steps in order to dominate your market:

Figure out your value per customer and conversion rate. This will help to take decisions for the strategy in the future when building campaigns and calculating return of investment.

Understand your customer’s search behaviour: what problem are they trying to solve? what is the conversation that they are having with themselves? this is important because we need to answer all that questions and solve their problems

Research to get the best keywords possible for your situation. You can brainstorm the core ones and “spy” on competition, using different tools available.

Group keywords by conversation type. This is called “theming” and is necessary to use the correct ads and landing pages for each group.

Build landing pages to maximize quality score and conversions.

One of the best ways to capture a lead is through autoresponders. They aren’t necessary in all the cases but if it is in yours, make sure that your lead generation company can handle it.

Set up a blog when possible to get fresh content and educate your costumers.

Build a PPC campaign.

Start a SEO campaign.

Track conversions coming from every channel and gather the data to get information to improve your campaigns.

Monitor and test: split test, adjust bids, delete non performing keywords and ads, check search engine positions, visits, search terms used, navigation behaviour, etc.
If you follow this plan and apply it correctly, your succeed is guaranteed.

Stop questioning the effectiveness of Internet Marketing and join the thousands of people that are making good use of it. If you have tried it before and failed, it was because you did it wrong or the lead generation company that did it for you, didn’t really know how to do it properly